… Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me,

and do not forbid them; for of such is

the kingdom of heaven.”

The Gospel According To Matthew

Chapter 19, Verse 14


If You Worship With Us At Historic Brandywine Baptist Church …  

You may wonder where the Nursery or Child Care is located.  Nursery, or child care facilitation, is what we have become accustomed to in the American Church Model; however, the Biblical model, as well as the historic example throughout Church history, does not support separating, or segregating children from the worship experience.  

The Bible is clear, and history does support that the family that worships together is more likely to stay together, and thus … grow in Christ together.  That should be the desire of every Christian.    

This practice has become known as the family-integrated or intergenerational Church model.  Again, this is the Biblically endorsed practice.  

There are many blessings in having children present in the Church service.  These include but are certainly not limited to:  

  • Children learn what is expected of them.
  • Children learn how to sit calmly, and behave during the Church service.  
  • Children learn to respect and relate to parents, elders, peers, and pastors.
  • Children learn to enjoy God-honoring music.  
  • Children learn to pray.
  • And last but certainly not least

Children Grow In Wisdom By Hearing God’s Word

Being Read And Explained.

May we never discount what God can do in the lives of our children!  Yes, they can learn and grow in the knowledge of Christ among the full fellowship of other believers.  

Lastly, we are so thankful for new mothers who tend tirelessly to their children, and we want to provide the best experience for them as well so that they can fully enjoy the Sunday Service experience.  So …

In the event your child gets a little fussy, needs to be fed, or changed, we would be happy to direct you to a quiet room where you can retreat and still watch the Service while tending to your little one.  

If you need help with your child, we have mature women (historically known as Church Matriarchs) who are ready to be of assistance should you request them.  Please note that we DO NOT change diapers or take children to the potty, so someone would come get you if that becomes a need.  


If you would like to know more, please, strike up a conversation.  We are family, and we want to meet your needs, and that of your family.